More than 220 years of “tea experience” is a solid foundation for any kind of service or achievement. Our goal is not to compare ourselves with other providers, yet we know that there are very few tasks in our company that have not already been solved by us.

Our wealth of experience is valued by our customers and helps us achieve better results faster, saves time and money; not everything needs to be done twice, and that means there is more time to focus on what is truly important!

We view it as our task to:

  • deliver standard teas or teas according to specific recipes.
  • replace and/or improve current recipes/compositions.
  • develop customised blends and recipes while taking into account all available products (teas, flavours, fruit, herbs and ingredients).
  • create and develop holistic tea concepts. Provide product development, determine the depth of the range and choose the type of packing all from a single source!
  • spot new food components and packaging technologies based on current food legislation/novel food regulations. (Nature/composition of products, award regulations, etc.).

Our many years of experience in all areas can hardly be explained through our product portfolio and services we offer. We provide many customers worldwide with the most varied solutions and therefore have a wealth of ideas and experience when it comes to trends and sales. Daily shipments to diverse destinations provide us with access to reliable, specific information and ideas when it comes to queries which are relevant to processing orders.

This enables us to avoid unnecessary, costly wait times at the borders so that goods can be quickly used and sold by the customer.