As a trader and producer of tea and infusion products, we deal with products of different origins on a daily basis. The country of purchase is subject to the botanical and geographical conditions which are necessary for plant growth.

We have supplier partners in Germany, the EU, Asia and other overseas locations who buy our raw materials. We have a decades-long relationship with most of our suppliers, many companies are visited by us regularly on-site and approved/audited. Naturally, it is not possible for us to be everywhere at the same time in the world, and it would not always make economic sense to inspect each item on-site prior to shipment. Using our wealth of experience and knowledge, we have established a proper purchasing concept and agreed to systematic work procedures for testing the raw materials through their paces. All food products we purchase must pass through this process in order to ensure maximum quality assurance/product safety.

  1. The first step involves the initial selection of the variety of products for which we receive samples on a daily basis (Is there is a current interest to purchase this raw material or are we already sufficiently well stocked with this product?)
  2. Qualitative inspection of the sample through evaluation and tasting (visual/sensory testing)
  3. Regular analytical inspections of the general sample/outturn samples to determine pesticide content (pesticides, heavy metals, microbiology, radioactivity, etc. currently approx. 458 substances) by an independent, external trade laboratory using the latest analysis.
  4. Once the purchase sample has been approved, we draw up a purchase agreement which requires our suppliers to have goods manufactured and ship according to our regulations. We receive an accepted, signed purchase agreement and a shipment sample/approval sample as confirmation of their compliance with our regulations. Only after this sample has been approved by our quality assurance team, are the goods sent on their journey. Once the goods have arrived in our quarantine storage (transit storage for quality testing), all packaging is inspected for visual abnormalities (stains, damage, underweight, etc.), representative samples are taken, each individual package receives an individual label, the sample is compared with the initial sample from this agreement and pending approval, the goods are released for re-use.

The entire purchasing, storage, cleaning, blending and packaging process is accompanied by an advanced enterprise resource planning system. Any information that is relevant to the product is recorded and can be viewed at any time at every workstation and used. We attach great importance to transparency when it comes to our internal processes and complete every step by adding new data and information for tracking and identifying the goods throughout the entire flow process.

This enables us to avoid any unnecessary work that results in a loss of information or time when processing or shipping goods.