In addition to our code of conduct, we work according to the following principles:

  • We are a globally operating company that recognises and respects the diversity of cultures.
  • We assume responsibility for our ecological, social and economic activities on a daily basis.
  • Our customer satisfaction is our driving force and determines how we run our daily business.
  • We comply with applicable laws and our own code of conduct specifically developed for our company.
  • Fair play and fair trade form the basis of our operations and an act of humanity towards each and every person.
  • Arrangements and agreements are reached based on an environment full of trust.
  • We work according to a systematic business plan and review our tasks and their impact on a regular basis.
  • Short decision-making processes enable us to act quickly and efficiently and are key to our success.
  • We respect, support and appreciate everyone.
  • Our unique philosophy of good value for money is characterised by low administration costs and optimal use of resources in order to avoid overcapacity/waste of resources.
  • Our growth is shaped by our innovative drive and the regular improvements that go into our company and work processes.
  • The foundation of our business are strong staff who run the company and continue to lay the groundwork for the future.
  • Praise, criticism and recognition determine the greater extent of our working environment and shape our daily work.