Code of Conduct

Staff development

We view the development of our employees as an essential investment in the future of our company. That is why in addition to paying close attention to the development of each staff’s professional know-how, we also attach great importance to the development of social and technical competencies.

Environmental responsibility

The Kirchner, Fischer & Co. GmbH Group promotes and supports sustainable farming practices. The minimum requirements we place on our suppliers and partners include compliance with local environmental protection laws as well as the standards in place in the Kirchner, Fischer & Co. GmbH Group. Agricultural production practices as well as the use and handling of energy sources must comply with applicable standards.
We take environmental responsibility very seriously and this is shown in the relationships we have with our business partners and suppliers.

Conflicts of interest, gifts and bribes

We undertake to not accept any gifts or bonuses or (corporate) shares which could lead to a conflict of interest. In particular, we can neither accept nor offer bribes nor any other illegal payments.


We encourage our suppliers wherever possible to introduce and implement similar principles of social responsibility within their companies.


We expect every employee to be responsible for complying with this company code of conduct and encourage co-workers to abide by it. The management is responsible for enforcing these principles. They comprise a part of our regulations and guidelines.

Human rights

We are committed to respecting international human rights within our sphere of influence.

Forced labour

We object to all forms of forced labour within our company and with our business partners.

Child labour

We object to all forms of child labour within our company and with our business partners.

Discrimination and respect for others

We want to provide a workplace that is free of discrimination and harassment based on sex, race, colour, religion, age, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.

Employees in our workplace deserve mutual respect.

Compensation and working hours

We recognise the needs of our staff for proper remuneration and observe the legally guaranteed minimum wages in the respective labour markets. We observe the regulations that apply to working hours in all our companies.

Staff relations and employee representation

We respect our employees' right to freedom of association. Irrespective of this fact, we provide our employees with the opportunity to express their concerns directly.

Work/life balance

We are a family-run company. Family-friendly measures contribute to increasing employee satisfaction and motivation and thus also our company’s productivity.

Health and safety

We want to create a safe and healthy working environment that meets or exceeds the relevant standards for health and safety in the workplace. By implementing appropriate measures, we aim to prevent work-related injuries and occupational diseases.